by Andreas Dakos

A Case Study that Got us to the Peak Awards (by Google), as the best SEO campaign of 2020 (multilingual).

The Success

ahrefs screenshot of account's growth
  • We managed to get a 400% increase in organic sessions within 12 months
  • Traffic Value (suggested from the value and the position of the keywords), increased by 521%
  • In the 10 target countries, we saw a 300% raise in organic sessions

Our Goal and Challenges

The client’s business is related to medical tourism for fertility reasons, by clients living abroad. His business has strong competition, both locally and internationally. Google is very strict with medical and generally with “your-money-your-life” (YMYL) services, while at the same time PPC advertising on the certain topic, has many limitations also.

The Client worked with some Big-Brand-Agencies in the past, attempting to perform multilingual SEO, but the results were not satisfactory. The traffic came mainly from one country, while the website had thousands of pages that did not appear in the results. He asked us to increase traffic from other countries, both in Europe and not.

His clients need months of research to complete their purchase. Since Google and Facebook remarketing is prohibited, being remembered by perspective clients was a challenge, and a solution was urgent.

We were asked to find a way for his reviews to be increased organically, as the services offered are taboo and publicly sharing is difficult for many.
Finally, the website was translated into 8 languages, and needed translators to optimize the site. A long-term content-multilingual-marketing strategy had to be devised to acquire backlinks in a “natural” and cost-effective way, as one of the goals was to maximize ROI within the year.

screenshot from analytics that shows the organic traffic grow


Our experience in the medical industry made us immediately aware of the site’s problems and the extent to which it has been affected by Google’s algorithms.

We noticed that thousands of pages with weak content, created keyword cannibalization (when target keywords are on several pages, making Google unable to choose a page to rank) and this needed to be clarified.

Also, the articles / texts on the website were not of scientific signifance. We had to increase the authority / trustworthiness of their content.

We also decided to create an eBook as a lead magnet and a complex funnel that served multiple purposes.


comparison table with real user's data and growth

We extracted data from many sources and came up with a large database of thousands of keywords. In collaboration with the translators, we categorized them accordingly, based on the search-intent of the users.

We followed a different strategy for BOF keywords (3 stages of funnel: top, middle and Bottom) and a different one for TOF / MOF.

We then created quality content on the blog. We organized the old content of the blog into categories and from there we created new pages that covered the whole topic ( before there were dozens of articles on the same topic). So we managed to delete thousands of pages of weak content. Then we did a 301 redirect to their respective new ones.

traffic value ahrefs

We created new articles in categories that were omitted to target the corresponding keywords. At the same time, we created other types of content (repurposing) of the same content, such as presentations and videos, which were published on the respective platforms for their users to find.

We paid special attention to the main pages of services, in order to include all the information that the user needs to know before proceeding with communication, based on keyword analysis. We created videos for each service, which in addition to increasing traffic, also offered a better experience to users in general.

We added references to sources on all pages, while the clinic’s doctors checked and signed each new article. Therefore, there was now an assigned author for each article, with a full profile and links to his background, which raised the credibility of the site.

The eBook greatly increased contact forms and the natural backlinks to the site, as it provided answers to all TOF visitors, who then shared to other communities. This led to the email funnel and functioned as a visitor’s guiding mechanism based on their status (TOF / MOF / BOF).

mroe than 1000 keywords in page 1

The next move was in regards to reviews. We have integrated a function into the funnel where we ask the customer, to write a review about their experience on 3rd party websites. By doing this we increase the signals for Google, exhibiting that the website and its services are of high quality and deserve to be at the top.

We have given extensive focus to the optimization of content for mobile phones. By analyzing the statistics of our audience we can apply the best practices for what to load (and what not to load) as content on the mobile phone. Loading speeds have been improved at all levels.

analytics data with Pages and results

We analyze the website with crawlers including a screaming frog and website auditor. We search for technical issues that hold back the page. After resolving them, we then optimize the content of the pages, Titles & Descriptions improvements on pages, with the goal of increasing CTR and improving the funnel to increase sales & traffic.

Finally, we use monitoring tools to participate in online discussions that users are currently participating in. Whether in forums or as comments on articles, when a user reports that they are looking for information about one of the topics we have developed, we send them our direct link or eBook in a direct or public message. We are aiming to answer the user’s question and not to give a direct reference of the website with a link. This action made a big difference to the communication forms and shares that are made for each article / page.

With all this, we are aiming for long-term development and success of the project, as we make sure to be there for anyone looking for information.

multilingual SEO results


Within 12 months, we have:

Increased Organic Sessions by 400%
Increased Traffic Value by 521%
Made appear on the First Page of Google for more than 1.000 keywords.
Increased Page Views, Unique Page Views, AVG Time on page and Reduced the Bounce Rate.
In all the 10 countries that we were aiming at, we saw a 300% Increase in Organic Sessions.

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